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I have gone thru the manual...I am not satisfied I understand the proposed use of the cam cleat for the rudder uphaul line. They suggest you install it aft. The picture in the manual shows it under the yoke but the line is coming out of the rudder box below the cheeks and then up the back into the cam cleat. That would be fine but the hole actually comes out right under the yoke. If you install the cleat under the yoke, it would have to point down (and be fairly far down the rudder to have enough wood depth not to sink screws into the rope channel (centerpiece of the rudder box is thin at the top). Also the line pivoting over the back  rather thin edge of the rear interior centerpiece doesnt seem right. Plus, you would have to pull up and over to lock it in rather than just pull up.

I wonder if the assembly has changed since the manual was printed.

Can anyone clarify...

If anyone knows of a smaller cleat that would fit the above the yoke on the aft of the rudderbox, that would be good. I would put a small hole in the in the seam of the rudder and yoke to feed the line thru. I have yet to see a closeup picture of the rudder. When I went to the okoumefest this year and bought the skerry, I didnt get to see the rudder, the wind was up and only the pocketship was sailing.





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RE: Skerry Rudder


Davey+Company makes this small jamb cleat. You can find it on the web @ I mounted mine above the yoke so I could reach the deployment line with ease. A cleat below the hole didn't look right to me.

Hope this helps, Patrick

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