Can i mix epoxy brands?

My son and i were fiberglassing the hull of his newly  built piroque and due to PPP (piss poor planning) ran out of the MAS expoy 2/3 of the way thru the hull. We cut out the remaining dry fiberglass cloth and will have to get more epoxy later But heres my question. i had enough Silver tip epoxy left (from my millcreek) to finish the job could we have used it to finish it up? Just wanted to know in case it happens again. Thanks-Chris

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RE: Can i mix epoxy brands?

1. You cannot mix the 2 different brands while liquid . Well, actually you can, but you'll hate the results.

2. You cannot mix Silvertip hardner with MAS resin and vice versa.

3. You CAN wait until the MAS is completely cured, then continue on with Silvertip, and vice versa.

Note the "completely cured" proviso. Not just not tacky, but completely cured to the point where whne you sand it it makes dust. That can take up to several weeks, depending on the temperatures

So if you have enough SIlvertip, once the MAS is completey cured you can finish the boat using that.




RE: Can i mix epoxy brands?

thanks Laszlo thats just what i needed to know!

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