New MC 13

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RE: New MC 13


Here, try these instead. The URLs were messed up and contained all sorts of extraneous junk. I was able to dig out the actual image URLs for you and here's your pictures. Very nice little boat, indeed. Guess this means you won't be riding with Stubb anymore, now that you've got your own boat.

Have fun,




RE: New MC 13

Thanks, Laszlo. I was just about to try and fix them. You saved me a lot of time that I would have wasted.

RE: New MC 13

Looks great!  How is it in the water???  I'm launching my MC13 next week.  Can't wait to get it wet!

RE: New MC 13

For reasons too complicated to get into here, I have yet to get the boat wet. However, I am sure it will be a fine boat, as your's will be.

RE: New MC 13

Your MC 13 will be great.  I launched mine in June this year.  I have had it in calm waters and wind whipped waters.  Handles great.   Have fun.


RE: New MC 13

I'm glad to hear it handles great in the wind, as I plan on using the  the boat on Long Island Sound. Thanks for the info.

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