thinning varnish

is there any reason to thin interlux varnish?

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RE: thinning varnish

Have the same question, although I am using Kirby Varnish.  One vendor suggested six coats.  The first thinned 50/50, second 25/75, and all subsequent coats being 100%.  Sand first time after 3rd coat.  Would like verfication of this before I start.

RE: thinning varnish

I finished my spars bright following the advice of jf_poirier(thanks, Jean!) on this forum.  I started from bare wood.  First coat thinned 10/90, second 20/80, third 50/50, rest with just a little thinner to help the varnish flow.  The early coats penetrated deep into the wood.  After the 50/50 coat, the wood started to become shiny.  After all the coats and a few weeks when I've been working on the hull paint, I notice that the spars are very shiny, and quite dry.  See how well the finish stands up to use and keeps the water out one I get the beastie in the water...

I don't think this kind of schedule will give you any benefit if you're varnishing over epoxy, since there is no penetrating into the wood to be done at that point.

RE: thinning varnish

Not sure about Interlux varnish specifically but I thin Captains with a bit of penetrol and mineral spirits (Thanks Joey@CLC). This seems to help the varnish flow out better, helps prevents runs and brush "skittering".

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