Rain-X on the padle works

My kayak paddle is 7' long and during padeling, every time I raise one end to padle with the other end up water runs off the blade and down onto my lap. Sure their is a drip rings on the padle but they only do a little. I was thinking of making a spray skirt for the kayak. (my 14' tandum open cockpit) 

An idea popped into my head so I tried this.....

I put Rain-X on one of the paddles and tested it out in my hot tub, as I raised it up it drips dry so fast water barley had time to reach the drip ring, I wonder how long it would stay on the paddle.
Wow the other paddle just holds the water, like a film of water sticks to it.

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RE: Rain-X on the padle works

That's an intriguing idea that I'll have to try. It sounds from your description that you may want to change the way you paddle. You may be digging in deep, as you would in a canoe, and putting the drip rings under water. That would also raise the other end of the paddle high, dripping more water into your cockpit. Try a shallower approach, keeping the paddle more level. It will also be easier on your shoulders. -Wes

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