mill creek16 how comfy?

how comforatable is the front seat position in the mill creek?is there plenty of leg room and should i install a differnt seat than the wood one?

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RE: mill creek16 how comfy?

plenty of leg room, no issues with knee height or shoe size unless you happen to be Andre the giant. My daughter usually sits cross legged up there and she'd be the first one to complain if it was cramped.



RE: mill creek16 how comfy?

how about the seat ,i was thinking of putting one of those big seats they have for sot's in there

RE: mill creek16 how comfy?


I would not use the seat that you can make.  Look into the creature comfort seat (CLC catolog) or log on to  I use just the gel pad form skwoosh I can sit on it all day. I have a MC 13.  Have fun building, very easy.


RE: mill creek16 how comfy?

The stock seats in the plan are nice, but you will want some padding. A coast guard certified throwable cushion/floatation pad works nicely.

RE: mill creek16 how comfy?

In regards to the leg room, my brother is 5-11 and 240 and sits in the front seat with no problem.


There is more floatation under the front seat, so we put the heavier paddler there. (I'm 5-10 & 205)

RE: mill creek16 how comfy?

I can paddle all day with the wood seats but if you were to do multiple days you would be better off using a foam seat. I have used the wood seats all season with no complaints but will install some type of sit-on-top backrest style kayak seat this winter.


RE: mill creek16 how comfy?

We made thin seat cushions of fairly dense 1/2" foam with nylon covers that attach to the stock MC seats and just enough comfort without raising your body up much.

I also experimented with a slighter taller and arced seat back that adds a little improvement there.  If you do something custom with the seat back I recommend seeing where it will fall relative to the bottom edge of your life jacket, for one of us the top of the stock seat would push the life jacket up being a bit annoying. 


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