Shiny things on the bow

It's painting time on my Jimmy Skiff, which means that it's time to plan out the mooring hardware.  I'm leaning toward a bow cleat rather than a mooring ring through the prow, since the stitch-and-glue hull does not have a stempiece---even with a backing plate, a mooring ring would be trying to pry the bow apart.  Also, how would I tie on an anchor if the hard point is way out forward?  On the other hand, a bow cleat would basically be attached to the whatever's holding down the foredeck.  I would obviously reinforce the deck with a wood strip running fore and aft, but on this boat, it still comes down to ring-nails and the sheer clamps.  Any other options?

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RE: Shiny things on the bow

You might be over-engineering it a bit.  Unless your Skiff is going to be riding some pretty hefty waves at it's morring, or you are planning on towing it as a tender, a bow ring with a backing piece ought to be fine. 

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