Shipping a Passagemaker

Okay, not about building but about shipping. What would be the best way to get a passagemaker from Mo to Fl. I have a shippers quote for a residence to residence shipment but the boat would have to be palletized. Cost is about $500. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.

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RE: Shipping a Passagemaker

Check Ebay

RE: Shipping a Passagemaker

The Mississippi to the Ohio to the Tom Bigby and Blackwater Rivers all the way to Mobile then the ICW east. Watch out for the gators. SEEYA Jack

RE: Shipping a Passagemaker

Here's one way to look at it: est 1200 miles, @ 15 mpg = 80 gal gas x $4/gal = $380.  $500, palletized, doesn't sound too bad considering the price of  fuel.

RE: Shipping a Passagemaker

Thanks for the inputs, except maybe the Ebay one, can't figure that out. I figured with the wife and I driving it would be 3 nights in motels plus gas, so the $500 plus a pallet doesn't sound too bad. I now just have to get the seller to do the pallet!

RE: Shipping a Passagemaker


$500 is about in line with our experience.  We've shipped a lot of finished boats on freight trucks over the years.  A few of them have gotten completely smashed, and no amount of packaging would have prevented it, so be sure to buy insurance!

A wild thought is to post an ad offering to pay someone $200 (or pick a number) if they'll cartop the boat to the destination for you.  Might find someone who just happens to be going that way.

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