needing some light weight coaming filler suggestions

For whatever reason I spaced it on installing the coaming and only nailed the spacers in the front and not the rear of the coaming, when I went to clamp the coaming down, the rear got a bit squirly.  I did the spaces first and after those dried, I added the coaming lip, but had to split the diff a lttle as the spacers seemed to widen a bit at the back seam. This has caused a gap in some areas between the edge of the spacer and the inside edge of the coaming where the coaming is overhaning a bit.  I am wanting to fill this somehow and will then follow the inside coaming lip with my flush trim bit. Any suggestions on what to use as a filler to keep everything light? I bought some West 410 (similar to 407 but lighter I think) but figured I would ask before throwing it on.



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RE: needing some light weight coaming filler suggestions

So, Adam if I understand you correctly there is a small gap between the lip and the coaming spacer only at the rear of your cockpit?  your plan is to fill that gap with West 410 and your concern is to keep the weight down.  first question is are you planning on varnishing or painting?  If varnishing I would consider wood flour as it at least is the same colour as the wood.  if you are painting I would use cabosil as I would be more concerned with strenght than weight in this area.  The aft of the coaming gets the most "use" when entering and exiting your boat so you want to make sure that it is well attached to the rest of the boat.  besides, I cannot imagine that there would be enough of a difference in weight to even measure... unless I am totally mis-understanding your situation.

RE: needing some light weight coaming filler suggestions

Actually the fore and aft areas are ok with no gaps, its part of each side where the gap is. The coaming lip extends over the spacer on the inside by 1/4 in some areas.  I want the coaming and spacers flush so I can sand them as I would imagine the coaming itself could be a bit painful by itself digging into you. I am planning on varnishing that section but I think Ill go ahead with the cab o sil just for the strength aspect. Thanks for the suggstions!

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