Deck cutout help from plans

Looking ahead in the plans for a 17lt it dosent really mention the need to scarf toghether the forward section of the deck.  I assume i will need to do this (i see the kit comes with 3 parts)?  Any advice to avoid 'running out' of room on my 4*8 sheet of 4mm plywood?


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RE: Deck cutout help from plans

To clarify I am building from plans.  Measuring my 4*8 sheet of plywood from corner to corner may give me enough material to aviod the forward join.  Can any other plan builders verify this will work?

RE: Deck cutout help from plans


I built my 17LT from plans and also cut my deck "corner to corner" to maximize wood use.  I wasn't able to avoid the forward scarf (took about 10 inches of additional plywood) but the scarf was so far forward my paintjob covered that seam completely, without detracting from the design.  Oh, and when I say "scarf," mine were simply 45 degree opposing cuts, epoxied and glassed on both sides.  So far, no problems with those joints at all!

Good luck,


RE: Deck cutout help from plans

Thanks for your advice Larry.  I've been thinking an alternative would be to get the extra foot of material as a double butt joint at the cockpit area.  My hull is stainied blue (under glass); This may allow a nice design by having the rest of the deck 'bright' along with 2 blue patches linking the hull to the cockpit (which i also intend to stain blue).  The cockpit should be strong enough to hold the double butt joint in place.  I too have not scarft any joints on my boat but used a single layer of biaxial cloth on the underside of the hull butt joints.  In my opinion its strong enough for a kayak but i did glass the entire inside of the hull instead of the inside tape lines.



RE: Deck cutout help from plans

Barry, I like the idea of using two joints at the cockpit..., it'd give  you full bright decking out to both stern and bow and leave plenty of options for artistic expression around the coaming, where the joints are.

I'd see if anyone else would comment on the idea, as the cockpit takes significant stresses when you're getting in and out.  That said, it seems the re-inforcing plate epoxied under the butt should give plenty of holding power and stiffness.

Look forward to some pictures, the blue stain sounds great!


RE: Deck cutout help from plans

Stained Hull under Glass

Here is a photo, maybe...

RE: Deck cutout help from plans

? url not working for image;

 here is the blog;



RE: Deck cutout help from plans

Just got my ring nails; anyone else care to comment before i start cutting?

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