Repaired and sailing!!


  A couple of years ago my psycho wife attacked my Passagemaker with a hammer.  The damage was extensive:


Psycho wife with hammer


  After talking with John Harris I realized that even this amount of damage could be fixed.  The boat sat idle for a couple of years, but last year I got up the courage and started the repairs.  This past weekend I celebrated Labor day with the maiden voyage of "The Celtic C's".  


Rebuilt and ready to sail


Under way


   The performance of the Passagemaker is great!  I am looking forward to MANY hours of peaceful sailing before the cold stuff rolls in and the water becomes hard.

   Many thanks to John and everyone at CLC!



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RE: Repaired and sailing!!

Congrats for fixing your boat, good job and all that, but the real story is the wife vs. the boat. What the heck was all that about? And is she still your wife? If so, how are you preventing a repeat? Hiding all the hammers?





RE: Repaired and sailing!!

I remember the original post and was just about recovered from the horror. That first image was a shocker all over - thanks for the other two which were great. At Okoumefest I was amazed about the story of the Skerry that was ripped off the top of the CLC van at highway speeds. After repair damage was a scar about the size of a half dollar.

RE: Repaired and sailing!!

I would love to see some up close photos of the repairs.  

RE: Repaired and sailing!!

As for the "why" - 4 words - "Borderline Personality Disorder" and Alcohol.  Not a good mix at the best of times.

She's on medication now, so things are better...and the hammers are hidden. :-)

 The repairs were - cut away the entire port side, and patch the starboard side (about 6 holes).  A Dremel Multi-Max made short work of removing the port panels.


  I bought replacement panels from CLC, along with extra epoxy.  It didn't take too long to get this side repaired:



Then I cut out the damaged sections on the starboard side and cut patches from the damaged port side.  A tight fit and thickened epoxy worked like a charm:


 Exterior view:


I painted part of the interior to cover the repairs.  I thought about leaving them visible, but decided I didn't want that constant reminder.  I'll have to upload an image of the interior...


  The Skerry story really proved to me that, with enough epoxy, you can fix just about anything.  :-)



RE: Repaired and sailing!!

Jim, if you managed to not retaliate, I nominate your for sainthood!  One of my favorite quotes is George Washington:  "To err is nature; to rectify error is glory."  Your Passagemaker now is definitely looking glorious.  Nice going!


RE: Repaired and sailing!!

Is that what the phrase "hammer blossoms" refers to?  Jim:  Separate Locked Bedrooms.  Might be worth considering.  You don't want too many of those beauties visited upon your skull ... or even worse!

Cheers,  Grant

RE: Repaired and sailing!!

The cool part of this story is that you're repairing your relationship. I'm sure the boat repair was nothing in comparison. Good work on your relationship and your boat , I hope they both stay afloat. SEEYA Jack

RE: Repaired and sailing!!


  If only all things in life were as easily fixed with epoxy and wood flour... 


  I almost named the boat "Anvil", but decided against it. :-)


  Looking forward to getting back on the water tomorrow.  Have a great weekend everyone!





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