WD12 Cockpit Advantage

I went out for a longish paddle in my WD12 on Saturday and was able to take advantage of the giant cockpit. We found a shady spot in a shallow little creek and backed our boats into some water weed so they wouldn't move. After lunch, I slid forward and was able to rest fully prone with the seat pad for a pillow. As I looked up through the coaming I could see a bald eagle circling over us. The breeze in the trees and the cicadas singing had the expected effect and the next thing I knew I was being accused (quite falsely, I'm sure) of snoring. Probably jealousy becaus I  could take a nap in my WD12, while she couldn't in her CH16LT.

So one more thing to consider when choozing a boat - snoozability.




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RE: WD12 Cockpit Advantage

I've heard people call snoring "Sawing Wood"

How big of WD would I need I'm 6'1", forget it my wife already says I spend too much time in my boat.

When our spouse's get mad at us do we get sent to the "boathouse" instead of the dog house? What a punishment ;)

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