Chesapeak 17LT Plans


I'm thinking of building a chesapeaks 17LT but are there full size drawing available? (drawing 16 feet long)



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RE: Chesapeak 17LT Plans

I don't think so, but i made full sized plans from a set I ordered using a 17 foot long roll of paper prior to transfering the panels to the wood.

RE: Chesapeak 17LT Plans


I finished a 17LT last April.  Trust me, lofting the lines for the hull and bottom is simple..., granted, you want to be careful in your measurements, but all it takes is a square, a ruler and a looooong (18 feet) batton to connect your dots into curves.  The curves are so gentle I cut my panels with a 4" circular saw and finished up to the lines with a belt sander and rasp.  Again, very easy.

Frankly, I think you'd get frustrated messing with all that long paper, trying to get it laid out and flat, just to poke holes through it and have to connect the lines anyway. 

Go for the loft experience, it's quick and you'll be on your way to an awesome boat!

Good luck,


RE: Chesapeak 17LT Plans

Hi Larry,

 Thanks for your reply!

To be honnest, I am a little unsure about the lofting thing, but the way you describe it it sounds pretty simple..I'm probarly unsure because the long papers souns easy, and I can't find detailed information about the lofting process.. A lot of people have the personal site with the whole proces of building but I cannot find somebody who describes the lofting process so that a rooky like me can understand it a can actually convinsce myself that I'm capable of this..

It's not that I'm not smart or handy, I was raised by a skilled carpenter and I am aircraft electronics Engineer myself so I can handle precise work, I just need a little guidance..

 While I'm talking to an owner..I was wondering what the distance is from the backrest to the first bulkhead, so I can simulate the space in the chesapeak 17LT..I would be glad to know if it is possible for you to check it..

 Thanks and Hi from Holland!

Alexander Supertramp

RE: Chesapeak 17LT Plans


There's some confusion here. Lofting is the process of turning 3-dimensional measurements, such as a table of offsets, into full-sized 2-dimensional pieces of wood. That's the way traditional boat plans were developed.The plans from CLC have already gone through that process. There is no lofting whatsoever necessary to build a 17LT. You simply transfer the measurements from the plans to pieces of wood and cut the wood to the correct shape.

Paper templates tear, stretch and change sizes as the humidity changes. It's much more accurate to use measurements. So don't worry, you'll be fine. If you ever helped your skilled carpenter layout a bookshelf from plans, it's no more difficult than that.

147 mm

Good luck,



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