Sassafras 16

I am intrested in building the Sassafras 16 but am concerned about the look with all the joints lined up in a straight line.  Does the line where the two halfs are joined very noticable.  I was thinking if I build this canoe I would like to stagger the joint lines.  I would have planks 1,3 and 5 joined as noted on the plan consisting of 2 peices.  On planks 2 and 4 instead of joined at one location in the middle, I would like to have these two planks consist of 3 peices so all the planks are not lined up in a straight line.  Hope you can understand what I'm talking about!  Just wondering if anyone has done this when building the Sassafras 16.

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RE: Sassafras 16

Short answer : No, the joint, if done reasonably carefully is not noticeable.

You as the builder will be able to see it if you look hard, because you know it's there, and you know where to look. But no-one else will.

A properly angled scarphed joint is not weaker than the surrounding ply, and will not weaken the structure, een where all five strakes are lined up.

Your suggestion would, if done well, improve the boat a tiny amount. With much more work, and vastly room for errors.

The design, as drafted, is sound. In my opinion, the best way to improve it is to lighten it's 'looks': Countersink the decks (flush with the gunwales), and feather the outwales fore and aft a little to visually lighten the boat. Apart from that, it's really is a magnificent canoe. You'll be very happy with it.

I love mine, and would not trade it for anything (except, maybe, a Ducati 1000s!)




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