wood for greenland paddle

I just bought greenland paddles, by Brian Nystrom.  He says that a good W. red cedar 2x4,,quartersawn, with vertical grain is best for a GP.  I have looked at the two suppliers for one, but no success.  Where could I look online for one?  I live in Idaho, and you would think cedar would be more available, but Nooo !

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RE: wood for greenland paddle

Not sure where in Idaho you live, but you might try searching nearby large cities in Idaho (for example, I saw a few suppliers in Boise, or in Spokane WA if you live in the north).  Might be worth the drive?  There are a few online stores, but I don't know if shipping would be prohibitive.

(http://bearcreeklumber.com/species/wrc_cvg.html - one in Washington State, might be less shipping than farther away?)

I just got 2 nice clear, vertical grain cedar 2 x 4 for my paddle(s) at the local lumber store here near Seattle for about $20 each. I looked and you can ship up to 108 inches (length + girth) via the post office - so you could theoretically get an 8 foot 2x4 shipped that way (looks like shipping would be about as much as the wood..... don't know about UPS or FedEx ground) 

Good luck,


RE: wood for greenland paddle

I have used this website to locate all kinds of wood. You can spend hours on this site if you are not careful.



RE: wood for greenland paddle

When you say you've "looked," do you mean you have spent an hour or more going through the stacks of lumber at your local lumber yard? If you just asked them if they had any, then chances are very good that they said no. But if you actually paw through the stacks, the chances are very good that you can find some suitable boards. They may not reside in the 2x4 stack, either - often you can find a nice CVG section in a larger, otherwise knotty, board that you can use.

 If you've done all that, or just can't find a good board, consider laminating your paddle from several lesser pieces. It's not much more difficult, and they often look very nice.

GP's are great, btw!

Good luck!


Redwood also makes a nice paddle - stronger, though not quite as light as WRC.

RE: wood for greenland paddle

I'm in the middle of carving my first (of many ;), I am using spruce.  A good tip I was given was to get a 2x10.  Although you only need 2x4, you will have an easier time finding a knot free section within a 2x10.  I bought two grade 2x10s that will make nice paddles and I will find another use for the left over.  Hope this helps.

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