Has anybody tired a kayak paddle with the Kaholo.  How would one best measure? And would you use an extension to get the right length?

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RE: paddles

answer to first question, no, I have not even tried a SPB, however, thinking about it, the Greenland paddle would be well suited as it is designed to hold at the tip for greater reach.  That would be interesting to try and I think it would be the right lenght.  Once I free my Greenland, it is currently trapped inside a 2x10 ;) I will have to seek out a SPB to give this a try.  Thanks for the idea:)

I guess if you are looking for one paddle for both, a 2 piece Kayak with a T handle instead of the second blade would do the trick... hmmm... think I will have to build a Kaholo so that I can experiment.

RE: paddles

I'm relatively new to SUPing, but from the research I've done and my experiences on the water, I don't think a standard kayak paddle would be very good to use for two reasons.  First, it would be fairly uncomfortable to hold as your hand is going to be wrapped around the end of the blade as opposed to the nice contoured handle that real SUP paddles have.  Second, a SUP paddle has an angled blade to give you a flat paddle blade when the paddle is held normally at your side.  I don't think you would be able to get too much power out of a standard kayak paddle (but I haven't tried one).

As far as sizing goes, they say you should look for one that's around 8" taller than you are.

I too have considered using a greenland paddle, but haven't had the chance yet.  If there's anybody out there who has, I would be interested to hear what you thought of it compared to a normal SUP paddle. 

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