help with frayed/stringy fiberglass

Glassing the hull and top of deck went beautifully on my Ch 18, however where the glass draped over onto the hull, it got super sstringy and looks like strands of spaghetti. Ive filled the weave and put another coat of epoxy on.  Worried about sanding the strings and killing the rest of the glass in doing so.  Anyone ran into this and have any suggestions for me?

Here is a photo



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RE: help with frayed/stringy fiberglass

not to worry the  spaghetti will disapear when you sand.


RE: help with frayed/stringy fiberglass

Hi Adam.  Most builders probably would have left a narrow width of un-epoxied fiberglass cloth around the perimeter, which they'd trim off cleanly with a sharp knife after the wetout epoxy was partially cured.  It shouldn't be too hard to get rid of those strands though.  I'd shave them down with many repeated light strokes with a sharp scraper, and feather the remaining edge with careful sanding.  Carbide scrapers are nice because they stay super sharp.  Ordinary flexible steel cabinet scrapers work well also, but require frequent resharpening.  It's going to look beautiful!

Cheers,  Grant

RE: help with frayed/stringy fiberglass

Thanks for both ideas as I had heard of neither before. Wish I would have had the suggestion to leaving part of the glass un-wetted prior to doing so but I suppose thats 1/2 the fun of building your first! Thanks again


RE: help with frayed/stringy fiberglass

Adam, I see from your other post that you'll be using paint on your hull, which allows certain liberties.  A bit of fairing compound (made with something like microballoons and epoxy) might make it easier to feather the fiberglass edge without having to worry as much about sanding into the hull glass.

Cheers, Grant

RE: help with frayed/stringy fiberglass

I had a similar experience and it sands out OK. Halfway through glassing I discovered this technique, which works more neatly.


 We live and learn!

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