Fiberglassing in Florida


I've been waiting for a while now to start fiberglassing my Petrel, and with the weather cooling off a little bit, I think it's about time (and I'm itching to get back to work).  For those with experience fiberglassing in warm weather, how much workable time can I expect to get out of a small batch (~1 Cup) of standard MAS epoxy with the temperature at or above 80-85 degrees?

Thanks for the help, and any other info or tips you could offer would be very much appreciated.



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RE: Fiberglassing in Florida

I'm in Jacksonville, and I recently redid my strip canoe. I used system 3, and it got tacky very quickly, maybe 30 minutes. Of course, that was the dead of summer.

RE: Fiberglassing in Florida

Here's a link to the Mas Epoxy Tech Support FAQs.

Question #5 has a chart showing the pot life for slow, medium and fast hardner. At 77 degrees, the chart says slow resin has a pot life of 23 minutes. At 86 degrees, 17 minutes.

I'm in Southern California and I've used the slow resin at about 80 to 85 degrees, but I don't think I'd mix a full cup all at once. I'd try about half that amount at those temperatures until you get a feel for how fast it sets up and how fast you're able to work.


RE: Fiberglassing in Florida

After you mix it in a cup, pour the resin into a disposable paint tray or something similar that will allow it to spread out.  It will kick much faster left in the cup.

RE: Fiberglassing in Florida

Ive been building here in Indiana and its been in the 90's recently and fairly humid.  When using the slow hardener and about 10 pumps of resin and hardener, Ive gotten about 10 minutes or so when wetting the fiberglass out before it gets too hot to use.  I recently had to switch to the medium hardener because CLC was out of the slow and Ill bet 5min was pushing it with the same amount of epoxy. It got hot much quicker.


RE: Fiberglassing in Florida

Here in St Pete I mix 12 oz at a time and have about 20 minutes to work it, 4 hours till it sets up.  That is with the slow Mass

RE: Fiberglassing in Florida

As Oxford Pete says, pour it into a flat tray. If that's not enough, place the tray on a bed of ice. If that's still not enough, keep the resin and hardener in an air-conditioned room until mixing time. If that's still not enough, refrigerate the resin until mixing time.

And if all that doesn't work, pray for winter.



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