sculling slot

I'd like to add a "sculling slot" to my passagemaker take-apart. Are there any sketchs or suggestions regarding size and shape?



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RE: sculling slot

Doesn't the Northeaster Dory's transom have one of those?  But now that it's been brought up, I'm wondering if I can work one of tohse things into the Jimmy Skiff I'm building.  It's got the transom reinforcement for mounting a rudder, but I'm not sure the rest of the stern will be stiff enough to take a sculling oar.  Any thoughts?

RE: sculling slot

When I was growing up with wooden skiffs and prams, my dad would add an oarlock on the transom for sculling.


RE: sculling slot

Bill, what kinds of forces were involved?  My kit's transom is 1/4-in. plywood, reinforced with a keystone-shaped wooden piece that only covers about a third of its width.  Should I add some more wood as long as I haven't painted yet, or is sculling such a gentle thing that the plywood alone would be adequate?

RE: sculling slot

I don't *think* sculling puts nearly as much load on an oarlock as rowing does.  If the reinforced part of your transom is meant to take the forces of having a rudder hung there, it would probably be plenty strong enough.

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