Epoxy First Coat feels like Sandpaper

Hello All, My daughter and I building a Pathfinder take-apart in the back yard of my townhouse.

I have read here that the first coat of epoxy (no cloth) for all the part surfaces can dry feeling all rough like sandpaper. We tried one piece last night and that's what we got. Do you just sand it down a bit and put on the next coat?

Should we be applying the first coat of epoxy differently to prevent the sandpaper look? Maybe applying it thicker, sanding the plywood first, or something?

We are using the CLC thin yellow rollers, painting late afternoon so the temp goes down, not up, and we didn't get any bubbles.

Thx and wish us luck.

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RE: Epoxy First Coat feels like Sandpaper

The first coat over bare wood is acting like a sanding sealer.  it soaks into the wood and that raises the of wood.  Just sand it smooth (which should be easy) and recoat, it won't happen again.  If it is hard to get it smooth again, then you might need to do some more sanding before applying the coat of epoxy.

If you are going to glass, there is no need to apply the seal coat then the glass, it can be done at the same time and thus aviod the sanding step.

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