6 ft 5 in tall, need a boat

I am looking for a touring/light touring kayak, fast, in the 20-23 in width range; this is all easy enough to figure out the right boat but being 6'5", 190 lbs (tall and lanky) makes it a little tougher.  I was considering the Night Heron High Deck but someone emailed me that he built one, he is 6'3'' tall and can't fit in it at all, had to give it to his lady friend.  Would love some help on narrowing my search to a boat or two and possibly finding someone with one to check it out in or around South Carolina.  Thanks


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RE: 6 ft 5 in tall, need a boat

I'm 6'3" and 215 (wishing I was 190), very slightly long waisted with size 12 shoes. My Shearwater 17 hybrid fits like a glove with my feet at about a 50 degree angle and knees locked under the cockpit knee braces. The forward bulkhead is placed as on the plans and I have about 3" between my toes and the bulkhead with water shoes on. I have an angled closed cell pad as a foot brace and it's 3" thick at the center and tapers to 1" at the outside edge. It was 2" thicker all the way across but that was tight so I cut it down. If I had what I'm sure is your leg legnth I'd make the cockpit 2" longer but I have no trouble getting my knees out. If you find yourself in Miami Beach you're welcome to paddle it. SEEYA Jack

RE: 6 ft 5 in tall, need a boat

I'm 6'3"  200# size 15  shoe ch 17 is a good fit for me. built it per plans

and there is plenty of room even for my feet.


RE: 6 ft 5 in tall, need a boat

I'm 6'4" (used to be 6'5") 200 pounds, size 11 boots. My Shearwater 17 was too tight for comfort, but my Merganser 17W hybrid, which is an inch wider and higher, fits perfectly. http://shearwater-boats.com/index.html

If you want a strip boat, take a look at Vaclav Stejkal's Cape Ann Expedition. He's a big guy too and specializes in boats for big and tall paddlers. http://oneoceankayaks.com/


RE: 6 ft 5 in tall, need a boat

Same size here, 220 lbs, size 14 shoes, and the only S&G kit boat I've found to fit me is the Pygmyboats.com Arctic Tern High...plenty of room.   http://gallery.me.com/jermcmanus

RE: 6 ft 5 in tall, need a boat

6'4" / 200 lbs. Fit absolutely fine in my C17LT.  I didn't build it, but so far as I know, it was built to plans.  Don't even max out the foot braces.  Only complaint was that the standard "seat" (that's a stretch) just didn't work for me.  Very uncomfortable in the lower back region.  Easy fix:  had Joe at Redfish make me one of his seats, and I can now paddle for hours on end with no discomfort.  Turned out to be the ideal combination for me.  Caveat: it is not "fast."  But, 23" and "fast" do not generally go together...

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