I like the look of birch and would like to use it to build a S&G kayak ...Are there any reasons why a person shouldn't use birch plywood...not marine grade? 

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RE: Plywood

Plywood without the BS 1088 rating will have the chance of having internal voids. Some people don't care, others won't build without the rating. I'm one of the latter ones. Also weight. Birch will be heavier than okoume. If you don't care about the BS 1088 rating and a bit more weight, as long as the entire boat is encapsulated in fiberglass/epoxy it'll probably be just fine.

George K

RE: Plywood

A seldom recognized advantage of okoume is its ability to absorb epoxy deep into its outer layers, which both strengthens and waterproofs the wood, as well as improving the bond with the glass cloth. -Wes

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