Flush Ring Pull for Hatch Cover ?

Anyone used a "flush ring pull"  like the one pictured for their hatch covers?

I'm building a couple Shearwater Hybrids. I'm thinking the curved tops of the hatchcovers might be an issue in fitting these, or worse, leakage.

However, they'd look cool!





Ring Pull

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RE: Flush Ring Pull for Hatch Cover ?

The curve will definitely give you troubles with the forward hatch, plus, these look a bit clunky for such small light hatches.  I drill-fill-drilled two holes thru each cover and ran a loop of line, knotted below.  they are soft and leakage does not seem to be a problem.  Last weekend I participated in some assisted rescue and self-rescue training.  the boat (Shearwater 17 H) spent a good amount of time upside down.  I got about a cup of water in the bow and none in the stern.  My gaskets by the way are CLC standard and the hatches have invisible bungie hold-dowms.

An added advantage of the loop pull rings is that they are a good place to run safety lines to secure your covers when cartoping.  Just completed 3,000 miles accident free.


RE: Flush Ring Pull for Hatch Cover ?

Thanks, Paul.

For what it's worth, you can get these as small as 1.5" diameter, so they don't look out of scale. You could run your safety line thru the rings, too. I could double up the forward hatch where the pull would go to get the required thickness.

RE: Flush Ring Pull for Hatch Cover ?

They rattle.


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