Leaky Compartment

After an embarrassingly long time spent finishing my CLC Skerry, I finally got it in the water for its first row. It moved nicely despite the choppy waters, and I was elated by the time it was back on shore. I have now noticed, however, a dreadful sloshing sound coming from the aft compartment. As I opted not to have a portal in that compartment, I think my only remedy would be to create a drain. While I'm not happy about this, I know it can be done. What I find more worrisome is that I cannot locate the leak. From the outside, the hull seems pretty solid. I can't think of any other means by which to identify the issue without removing the seat, and I am not about to take a saw to my new boat. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find and/or fix my leak?

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RE: Leaky Compartment

Have you tried putting the boat up on sawhorses and watching the underside carefully to see if/where any water drips out? (If that doesn't work, after you install the drain, you can pour some water into the compartment to check for pinhole leaks.)

At any rate, having a drain or an inspection port/hatch installed in an otherwise sealed chamber is a good idea.

 Julie K

RE: Leaky Compartment

Try working it inside out.  I know when someone asks me to find a leak in a yak, I set it up on blocks and fill the inside with water and look to see where it comes out.  It is amazing how much water can come through such a small hole.

Once the leak is located, it will be easier for you to know how to fix it.

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