OK John, one more time

Actually I will continue to ask till I see it. LOL  What is happening with the Anas Acuta???  I have 3 local paddlers wanting me to build one for them.  And they bug me as much as I bug you about it. LOL

  Also when are you coming down South to visit us Sweetwater Junkies?  We realy do miss seeing you.

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RE: OK John, one more time

I second that. This will be my next boat once it's available. Exactly what I'm looking for; a play boat shorter than my night heron, with no more beam and made from plywood. 

RE: OK John, one more time

I'll bet he's afraid of what the Peanut Gallery will do with that name. Sure, it's a venerable Latin name for a duck, but just think of the possibilities. Or maybe not.



RE: OK John, one more time

You're in luck. 

Fox News just had a report on Anas Acuta. While it cannot be cured, according to the CDC in Atlanta it is treatable, and simply reducing stress can improve symptoms. Check the web for support groups in your area...many people feel isolated and ask themselves "Why did Anas Acuta happen to me?" until they learn that there are many others who are going through the same thing, right in their neighborhood.

RE: OK John, one more time

That sounds like fairly unbalanced reporting...wait! What's this rash? Is there a cure? I know...a box of yak parts should do it.

RE: OK John, one more time

You got it man.  Very few ills that can't be cured by a box of yak parts. Hoping all of our boats end up fair and balanced.


RE: OK John, one more time

The Anas Acuta is no longer listed on the 'new boats' page (http://www.clcboats.com/shop/new/newboats/). Say it ain't so John!

RE: OK John, one more time

Shelved for now.  We're gratified for the positive feedback about doing that one, just as we were flattered that Valley would ask us.  We DID do a lot of work on it;  it would have been a "hybrid" kit.  In the end, there just isn't enough demand to justify the development expense when we already have so many similar kayaks.

RE: OK John, one more time

Oh well, Maybe I'll do a petrel for round two.


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