Detailed Deck patterns on a SnG Kayak

I saw a picture of the Guillemot Night Heron where the panels were stained different colors and then joined.  I was wondering if there was a technique where you could put patterns on a single piece of plywood without cutting it up.   I wasn't sure if that was possible.   Don't laugh about this but could you route a thin line between stain colors and then stain within the borders.  Seems like there should be an easier way to do this without putting puzzle joints all over the place.

I know most peole do hybrids to get those kind of designs but the Stitch and Glue type construction just seems more elegant to me.



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RE: Detailed Deck patterns on a SnG Kayak

There is a type of table, made in mosaic fashion, from thousands of small pieces of various types of wood, arranged in intricate detail, and perfectly interworked. My friends recently made a duplicate out of a sheet of plywood in a weekend. 

The trick is, stain will bleed, so you need a method of stopping the bleeding. We used an exacto knife to cut 
small lines into the top layer of the ply, then applied different color stains to the little pieces. 

there was still a small amount of bleeding on the very edges of the cuts, so we went over the lines with a wood burning tool, to make a single, solid black line, and I think it came out well enough. Still, depends on the wood, the stain, etc, so this technique might work for you, but test it on some scrap pieces before doing it on a brand new beautiful kayak. 


-- James


Thanks for your response Jbarros!

Thanks for the info!

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