bubbles in the fibreglass

I am a first time boatbuilder.  I just did the fiberglass in the cockpit of my shearwater 17 H.  I thought I got the bubbles out of the fiberglass, but when I looked today I found a few large bubble areas.  Most are only a couple square inches of surface.  I cut through them with a utility knife.  Now should I just put some more epoxy on them and try to get them to settle back into the surface, or should I just cut them out and epoxy in a fresh piece of fiberglass into the spot?  Or is there some other option? 

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RE: bubbles in the fibreglass

The larger ones I have cut out and re-glassed (patched) Make sure the wood surface is clean. My first experience was with cedar strips cut from recycled power poles which had an oil based preservative in it. A few fish eyes.   pb

RE: bubbles in the fibreglass



Here is a picture of the bubbles.  

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