security "Tie Yaks"

How are the Tie Yaks secured to the boat itself? or are they just meant to run over and around the shell and secure to the roof rack. I had visions of adding a couple Stainless steel plates with rings and fasten w/SS torq screws inside my MC16.5 on the hanging knees to run the cable through. any other ideas? 


aka "jon"

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RE: security "Tie Yaks"

RE: security "Tie Yaks"

Okay..those are some pearly white fangs on old rover....but i was hoping for something without a heartbeat or fur to protect my Millcreek.



RE: security "Tie Yaks"

The two pieces of the tie yak get locked to each other. There's a long piece and a short piece, each with a loop that goes over one end of the kayak, and a little loop that's big enough for a padlock. Loop each piece over an end of the kayak, then thread the cable on the long piece around and through the roof rack and use a padlock to lock it to the short piece. The idea is that when the two pieces are locked to each other, there's not enough length for the loops to get slipped back over the end of the boat.  The other idea is to remember to bring the key with you so you can unlock it when you get to the put in.........

Julie K.

RE: security "Tie Yaks"

thats some good advice Julie...i left my paddle behind one time and i think a scream is still hanging over that boat landing. well i will give it a try without making any modifications to the craft an see if it works.




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