Refinishing ''old" paddle

I am refinishing a paddle found at a garage sale.  It is 64inches long.  in the processing of cleaning it uup with stealwool I  uncovered a brand an slogan.  I can not make out all of the slogan but the brand is Indian Head.  There is an Indian head in  full head dress fwith a slogan.  The slogan starts out "Always ??-Indian Head Brand.

Does anyone out there know what it might say?  The second word may start with a D.  I'm not sure. 

Thanks for any imput.  

Coach C.

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RE: Refinishing ''old" paddle

A little google searching and I found Always Demand Indianhead Brand.

RE: Refinishing ''old" paddle

Thanks Russ.  I had fisgured that was what it said I can see the d and the an. 

Thanks for you efforts.

Now go and have a good day., 

Coach C.

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