Do I have a C17 or a C17LT?

I just bought my first kayak as an adult, not really knowing anything about anything.  I'm almost 40 and haven't been in one since I was a kid in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State.  I'm in heaven now!  It's all coming back to me...

Strange how it came about.  I guess I was sort of in the market for one, and an opportunity came along that I thought I should grab.  I got a great deal on a CLC that had been used for all of about 20 minutes.  Personal misfortune prevented the original builder from ever launching it; and the fellow who bought it tried it once and didn't like it.  (Not this specific boat -- didn't like kayaks in general.  He proceded to buy a Boston Whaler.  Go figure.)

At the time I bought it, I didn't even know that CLC existed.  I just knew I wanted a wooden boat like I had when I was a kid.  By now, I've determined that it's either a C17 or C17LT.   Probably LT, but I'm not positive.  The profile certainly seems more like an LT, being very low-slung leading down to the stern.  Beam is a little difficult for me to measure accurately enough for a definite determination.  (23" vs. 24"?  I tried to measure and came up with around 22 1/2".)  The one thing I do know, and that might be determinative, is that the sides are pretty consistently 7" from stem to stern.  Is the regular C17 deeper?  Any other suggestions for making the determination?

Thanks for the help!

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RE: Do I have a C17 or a C17LT?

Jim, I have a 17 LT (modified).  Per CLC, the differences between the 17 and 17LT are 1 inch height in the shear-line and a 48 or 9 inch radius on the stern deck (vice 24 inch on the standard 17).  I took plans for a 17 and subtracted 1/2 inch from the shear, but I kept the 24 inch radius on the back deck for more volume..., so it's kind'a in-between.

I can't remember if the 17LT has a 6.5 inch shear and the standard is 7.5, or what the dimensions are.  CLC could tell you, or anyone with a set of plans handy.

Good luck, it's a great boat and I love paddling mine!


RE: Do I have a C17 or a C17LT?

I have the C17 and it is about 7in hight. The bow area come  in closer to 8-8.5 and the stern is 6.5-7in.  24in radius stern deck doesn't have a lot o curve to it so the 49in deck I think would look almost flat, but dont know.

Hopefully that helps


RE: Do I have a C17 or a C17LT?

I just measured the centerline height of the aft bulkhead on my CH17LT plans.  It measures exactly 9 inches.  The CH17's aft bulkhead would be 10+ inches given the addition 1" in shear height and the 24" aft deck radius vs. the 49" radius of the LT.



RE: Do I have a C17 or a C17LT?

That 9" aft bulkhead height measurement really seals it.  That's exactly what mine measures.  So, I have the 17LT -- no question.

All very helpful responses.  This was not just idle curiosity BTW.  Needed to know for a couple of reasons.  One, for race registration forms.  And also in order to properly order a Redfish seat.  So, thanks to everyone who helped me out!

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