Final chance for fairing Skerry hull?

I am building the skerry and have all but finished installing the rails. I have posted a few questions on frame positions, and epoxy finish. I am almost to the point of glassing the interior of the hull.

 I have come to understand some of my challenges were due to my choice in sawhorses. I had some inexpensive plastic ones from Home Depot and some better ones. The cheap ones were shorter and I used them to stitch and glue the hull. After some time I have realized the reason I lost the "fairness" of the hull was due to the slow spread of the plastic legs of the sawhorses. One side of the horse legs may spread while the other didnt. The result was non level horses and as I moved and flipped the hull, undiscovered and under appreciated till gluing were done..

 Anyway, I wanted to know if there were some ideas on doing some work to fine tune the fairness of the hull prior to final glass on the inside (outside done). There is still some flexibility in the hull and I thought if I say, tied it down into a more fair shape the glass may help true it some. Its not terrible but it is visible to the eye. I am hoping the name boat name "corkscrew" will be more amusing than painful.

 Ideas appreciated,


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RE: Final chance for fairing Skerry hull?

Pat, if you do indeed have flexibility in your hull, then yes, you can likely fix a lot of your problem. I'm assuming twist is the issue? Even if not, tying the boat into "a more fair shape" and then glassing should work. The shape will probably become more or less permanent once it is glassed. I've done this, or near to it, and it has worked for me.

 Regardless, if you don't tell, no non-boatbuilder will ever notice!

 Good luck!

Dave Gentry

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