choice of winter project

Looking at my options for next project.

Thinking two person ride, like the mill creek. Think the wood duck double is too small for me and my bigger sons.

Also have been thinking about a strip canoe, but bigger than the CLC offering. Anyone have experience with another company they would recomend if I choose that option.




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RE: choice of winter project

Newfound Woodworks has a wide selection of canoe kits and offers the same kind of prompt personal service as CLC. -Wes

RE: choice of winter project

Bear mountain boats- you can buy their plans through Newfound, I believe. I made a 17.5' Redbird from Bear mountain. Great canoe.

RE: choice of winter project

Two other canoe sources are Noah's and Clark Craft. I have not done business with Noah's and ordered a canoe kit from Clark Craft only yesterday, so cannot vouch for either, but both have been around for many years. Noah's also sells Bear Mountain kits. -Wes

RE: choice of winter project



Thanks for the feedback. A couple of these i have seen. I will check the others out!



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