Update on the Ducks

After five or six trips paddling with both the WD10/12 I built, I moved up the addition of epoxy/ graphite to the bottom of the WD10.(my WD12 was originally finished that way).

It is clearly a better solution for a boat that is going to be used. While the Varnished bottom continued to accumulate good size scratches, the Epoxy/ Graphite just gets rub mark.

So rather than wait till the winter, I did it this past week.

Also added some nylon washers under the hold downs for the flush hatch. I found they were constantly sticky tightly to the deck and hard to turn. The washers seem to help. This winter I will add a "laszlo style" recess to the hatch to make it easier to take off. I find the hatch sticks pretty tighly to the foam seal. 

Overall they are ablast, and happy to own them!





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