How close is close enough

I am a first time boat builder and building a Shearwater 17 hybrid.  I was concerned that everything is square on the boat, so I set up my laser level when I was wiring the panels together.  I figured that if the laser hit in the middle of the bottom seam, and a pencil mark at the midpoint of the bulkheads and temp forms I should be fine.  

 I got very close.  But after I did the epoxy tacking of the pieces and removing most of the wires I realize I am a little off.  Now as far as I can see, I am never more that 1/4" off the laser line.  Is this good, mediocre or bad?  I thought before I was glueing that I was within a 1/16", but in the end it seemed to have drifted a bit.  (I might not have noticed until my son pointed it out, that I was a bit more that 1/16" off in the bow, possible above the waterline.  But like I say, no more than 1/4" and perhaps as little as 1/8" off.  

The directions just said to put a couple of sticks on top, and see to it they are parallel. I figure my laser guide would give a better picture.   


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RE: How close is close enough

You should be fine with it as is. Lasers are fine but there's nothing like good old boat building. like using winding (the two sticks), to obtain a true hull.

George K

RE: How close is close enough

It is actuall quite amazing the eye can be with the two stix. You can notice 1/32in off from one another. I used a laser to "paint" center line down the top of kayak while was lining up the hatches and cockpit.


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