Hybird or strip built

A little over a year ago I built the SW 17 stitch and glue. Overall I was very  pleased with the outcome. I have the building addiction, like so many of us, and plan to order my second build this Fall. I was looking at the night heron hybrid. I thought from a learning standpoint it might be easier to start with a hybrid as opposed to a strip built. Thinking about it though I believe the only real difference is the time. Is that a correct assumption ? Thanks for any input/advice.

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RE: Hybird or strip built

I just finished a WD12 hybrid.  It turned out very well. But I am glad that I did a hybrid first.  Going through the learning curve left some ugly spots.  Everyone said that it looks great but to me it's just not good enough.

Now I want to build a night heron.  I know where I went wrong with the duck and have learned from my mistakes. I know I will do better on the heron.

I have a construction blog for the WD12 hybrid.


PS.  Striping the deck was much easyer than I thought it would be.


RE: Hybird or strip built


I believe that your assumption is correct--my 1st build experience with my hybrid was that their was a learning curve with both processes. When working on the stitch and glue segment everthing seemed to be just zipping along--at the strip segment their was a noticable slow-down. Part of that was due to my making my own cove and bead strips and part was the fact that I chose to make it hard on myself in strip design---woodworking is what I enjoy....CZ

RE: Hybird or strip built

I believe I will go with a hybrid. I made numerous errors on the stitch and glue I built and will hopefully will not make the same mistakes again. On the SG hull of the hybrid I should do that well and will take my time on the stripped deck. That is the main thing I learned, take your time. Thanks for the input. I checked your blog Lou on your Duck, looks great! Gives me confidence I can do a stripped deck. Best part is I can tell my wife now that I have guilt a SG, and a hybrid, I will of course have to build a full stripper.



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