Northeaster Dory Rudder Modification

I had a lot of trouble with the rudder on the dory, storing it while rowing, or in the boat house, or in the car, all proved to be very difficult.  It also stressed the joint a lot, and

eventually it broke. 


The fix was obvious...I put a hinge on the underside, and a hatch lock on the top, so that I can fold it down for storage, traveling, etc.  I was worried about the integrity of it, but it's at least as strong as the weak joint that was there before.  I tested it out in whitecaps, tacked up the CT river at low tide, and nothing phazed it.  


I would recommend something like this in the next's a real pain to try and put the rudder anywhere in the boat if it doesn't fold.


BTW, this is the best boat ever, CLC is the greatest, John is obviously the best designer in the world.  Every time I get in my dory I smile, and I keep smiling as I sail or row around. 

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RE: Northeaster Dory Rudder Modification

It would be very interesting to see some photos of this.  

RE: Northeaster Dory Rudder Modification

Antone, if you are there could you say hi?

Does anyone know if there were ever pictures of Antone's solution for the rudder to tiller connection on the dory?   (or anyone's?)

I have good pictures of JR Buckingham's solution on "Fawn", and am looking for as many builder's ideas as possible for how to remove, or hinge, the tiller on the dory rudder.

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