hybrid kaholo?


I'm ready to order the plans and have the plywood but I got to thinking about the possibilities of building a hybrid deck. Any problems other than a little more weight and build time? 

I'll have to wait until the plans arrive to confirm, but I think I would be able to squeeze two boards out of the wood I already have :)


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RE: hybrid kaholo?

Be aware that when you purchase plans you agree to only build one boat from them.  Legally, and morally, if you decide to build a second boat, you should pay a fee to CLC.  I am not sure, but I have heard it is a fairly nominal fee, but it is the right thing to do.  

RE: hybrid kaholo?


The only problem you might have is the strength of the deck where you're going to be standing. The stringers in the paddler's area are designed for okoume, a solid panel as compared to a multiple strip panel made of western cedar. In surfboards we use a deck patch for strengthening the standing area. That's an extra layer of fiberglass cloth on the deck of the board, usually 4 oz to keep weight down but some guys like 6 oz for the extra protection. That may work on a hybrid deck. I believe in Nick Schade's book on strip built kayaks he has a table showing the strength of various okoume and strip layups of different weights of cloth. That may be helpful as well. (And that table may be in another of my kayak books, can't remember for sure.) At any rate there is a good posibility that a hybrid might work and the strip deck should be lighter than the okoume deck barring any necessary buildup of materials for strength.

And as Casey pointed out, you're licensed to build just one boat from a set of plans so you'll need to talk to John at CLC to find out what a second boat's fee will be.

Keep us updated if you go ahead with the hybrid.

George K

RE: hybrid kaholo?

As mentioned above, reinforcement of the standing area is a very good idea. You are going to be glassing the underside of the deck regardless so put the reinforcing patch underneath. This way you can put on a heavy duty patch such as 8 or 10 oz and not worry about aesthetics. More importantly, almost all the strength of 'glass is in tension so the underside is the best place to put it.

RE: hybrid kaholo?

I was aware of the licensing for multiple boats -- what I meant by waiting until the plans arrive is whether I could even lay out two hulls with the wood I have on hand. 

I've looked at wooden surfboard construction and the main concern I have with the Kaholo is the distance between the frame members. I guess I'll get the plans and see...

Thanks for the input!



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