Cutting out plans

Ok, so I'm diving into the Wood Duck 12. I'm going the plans and manual route. I've got local supply of Okoume and Sapele, so all is well on that end. I am just looking at the best way to cut out the wood. Router? Jigsaw? Coping saw? I had a jigsaw that had no detent for 90 degrees, so cuts were all beveled. Bummer. I figure a plunge router would work great as it is similar to the CNC machine. Any advice before purchasing a cutting tool?


Thanks :-)

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RE: Cutting out plans

I don't quite understand the jig saw without 90 degrees, but you can use it anyway. Make your cut far enough away from the line to compensate for the beveled cut. Then, plane it back to the line.

With a router, it might be best to set up a fence/guide to slide the router along to get a reasonably smooth and fair cut.

The important part is: Match the plans the best you can making all curves fair and be sure the matching sides are identical. Doesn't much matter how you get there.




RE: Cutting out plans

I fretted about  this for some time. Manual reccomends a small circ saw. I think the jig saw or router might be to wavy unless you can run the router against a template.

Anyways, what worked for me was a good old hand saw believe it or not. I did one cut with the circular saw and found the hand circular saw just as fast if you count all of the careful set up time required for the power tool. Also able to move at a slower (read more comfortable for me) pace. Many thanks to the forum members who suggested this to me.

I did invest in a CLC Japanese pull saw but ended up using my regular hand saw a lot while I was waiting for their package to arrive.

Try it, you may find it a less anxious experience.


PS I cut a quarter inch out and then used a hand plane to bring it back to the line. That method is recommended for hand or power saw.

RE: Cutting out plans

Hey thanks for the suggestions. I was thinking about it, and I'm only cuting through 4mmm wood which is needless to say paper thin for a hand saw. I think I will go that way and save myself the anxiety of a high speed power tool which can quickly ruin a $100 piece of Mahogany.


Lorne :-)

RE: Cutting out plans

I used the circ saw method for my WD12 and very happy with the results.  did not get the splintering that the jig saw gives, used a Frued Diablo blade (it has a thinner scarf than most and the best sharpness/cutting I have seen, I use it is cut through 2" oak like butter)  I did use a jig saw for the tigther curves.  The trick with the circ saw method is to set your blade depth to about 3/4", that allows for greater curves.

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