I am ready to varnish my CH17.  I have a can on epiphanes clear gloss varnish.   I was reading the can and it give instructions for applying to bare wood.  I am applying to sanded epoxy so I figure that the finishing will not be the same.  It tells you to thin the varnish 50% for first coat, 25% for second. 15% for third and 0-5% for subsiquent coats.  I am thinking since the kayak is already coated in epoxy that I would  be OK with nto thinning the varnish at all.  This is my first time using varnish and I want to see if I should thin it or not.  Of all the reading that I have done, I have not read anything about thinning varnish. However, I may have read at one point that I should read the instructions for the varnish manufacturer and follow those.  Any feedback would be appreciated. 


P.S. I cleaned the gargage and prepped to varnish by vacuming all the dust and then I read the instructions on the Epiphanes can. I did not expect this to be a delay.  I hope to be in the water soon!

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RE: Varnishing


 Never use Epifanes straight.  You'll want to thin it 10-15% using the thinner of your choice in order for it to flow properly (I use Epifanes brushing thinners and have found them to work the best with their product).  Also, I'd recommend upwards of 8 coats.  I have 6 coats on my C16 and after two months of paddling, am already getting the start of mahogany discoloration on my deck (and my boat is stored indoors!).  

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RE: Varnishing

Thanks Chris!  You are very helpful.  This is the answer I was looking for. I will go ahead and order the thinners from Epifanes.



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