Chesapeake Double 21' photos 2nd part

Chesapeake Double 21', made by Koulis Theodorou.

Protaras Coast, Cyprus. 

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RE: Chesapeake Double 21' photos 2nd part

I got the same red X in a box when I tried to put a picture in my post that was too large. I was using Flicker to host the picture. Flicker offered (in Flicker) boxes to check to make the picture small, medium or large. When I used large I got the bad red X in the post. I then went back to Flicker and made the picture size medium. When I then added the picture to CLC site post, it filled in all those extra boxes and said my picture was 500x800. It also showed the picture in the post before I clicked on post message. If all you get is the red X as you set up your message that will be all you will get when you post it. If where you are hosting the picture doen't offer the option to resize the picture, you need use some software that will resize the picture before you put it on the host site.

Hope all this helps. 


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