Stirred, not shaken

I have an Interlux Schooner varnish question. During my third coat, towards the bottom of the can I noticed a thick, sludge like mass moving around. I can't seem to find any mixing directions on the can, but I know well enough not to shake the varnish to mix it. Should I be stirring the varnish? I'm moving on to my second can of varnish for my 4th coat and I'm curious what I should be doing.



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RE: Stirred, not shaken

On my can of 1015 Captain's varnish it says: "Do not shake container.  Remove cover a gently stir varnish using a wood paddle or spatula"

When I stir I always gently lift the bottom contents of the can to the top to get an even mixture.


RE: Stirred, not shaken

I always filter my varnish before use (especially on previously opened containers).  I had to look around for it, but Home Depot sells paint and varnish filters.  They are kind of like heavy duty coffee filters with a mesh bottom.


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