suggestions for a boat repair

I build my boat about 10 years ago and have loved paddling it since. Unfortunately, over last winter a small section of one of the seems separated on the bottom part of the bow. Any suggestions on fixing it without taking the top off from it?

The area that is in need of repair is only about 1 1/2" long and barely separated.

My thought was to drill another hole to thread some wire through and cinch it together. Then pour some epoxy down into the tip to hold it. Then, a new coat of fiber glass. Does anyone else think this is a good approach?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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RE: suggestions for a boat repair

Reading your post over lunch, I read the first half, paused for a bite of chicken and thought "put a stitch in and pour some thickened epoxy from the inside"... then I read the rest of your post.Couple questions:  What boat are we talking about?  Is she painted or bright finish?  Where exactly on the bow are you talking?  I am guessing the underside, perhaps below the waterline?  Pictures?Assuming it is on the underside of the bow where the two hull panels meet, I would agree, drill a hole, stitch it as best you can.  Mix some thickened epoxy, but still runny and pour it in from the inside.  Put some tape on the outside to prevent the epoxy from running out.  Once cured, you can sand, then add piece of fiberglass over the area on the outside.  You will want about 1.5” – 2” on either side.  If it is on the underside where the hull contacts the beach, you could even consider adding a Kevlar rub strip.  I would finish with a little extra thickened epoxy on the inside over the repair, an extra wide fillet, a smaller version of the end pour to give it a little extra strength.I am looking forward to needing to repair my boats in 9+ years :-D


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