Chesapeake Double 21'

Dear builders,

I just finished my Chesapeake Double 21'!!!

I 'd like to post some photos but I don't know how I can do it. 

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RE: Chesapeake Double 21'

Posting a picture is easy (like anything else, once you know how)

What you need is a URL that you can reference.  A URL is a Universal Resource Locator, AKA web address.  for example:

How to get a URL?  upload your picture to a website somewhere, then open the picture and copy the URL (I recommend you open the picture in it's own window and copy the URL, Ctrl + C).

Now create your post on this forum, click the insert/edit image button (that is the little tree below where you are typing) and it will ask you for the image URL.  Paste (Ctrl + V) the URL of your picture there.  Assuming that the URL is of the picture itself, viola! Picture Posted.

Looking forward to seeing your artwork :)

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