order of finishing question

The hybrid duck is coming along--I have the epoxy sanded by hand down to 220 grit and I believe that my next coat of epoxy will bid a good-by to all of the remaining visable glass weave.

I am contemplating my last 2 finishing task

#1.  spraying the marine grade high UV urethane 

#2. my graphite and epoxy finish on the bottom and just over the second stitch and glue seam which will hide all of the stitch and glue filled holes.

One twist is that my otherwise perfect glass job has a flaw near the bow shear and I have thoughts of sweeping the graphite up on the bow to cover this area as well [sanded into the glass cloth] and possibly putting an arrowhead design from the bow center back with the graphite finish. The technical question is this---may I fiinish the top of my Hybrid with the urethane finish first and then do the graphite second ? This would cut down on the masking but it would mean that some of the graphite finish would be applyed over the urethane finish including the arrowhead design. Does this present a bonding issue?

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RE: order of finishing question

Definitely a bonding issue. Epoxy will not stick permanently over varnish.

That said, I accidently dripped a couple of drops of graphite epoxy onto my wife's kayak while I was touching up the bottom and it is hanging on pretty well. However, that's a couple of isolated drops on a no-stress area. I wouldn't count on large sheets of the stuff hanging on in areas where they encounter wear.

So graphite/epoxy first, then varnish. Sorry about the masking.



RE: order of finishing question

Thanks again Laszlo----getting it wrong at this point would be a heart-breaker-I am glad that we have guys like you who can give a definitive answer on weather a cleaver idea is a good one or not--another butt saved ---CZ

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