Eastport Pram Building

Hello, I´m building Eastport Pram from plans in Leon, Mexico. All of you are invited to see the process at my site:


Since this is my first boat at all, all coments, observations and questions are always welcome at my email address.

Happy sailing!




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RE: Eastport Pram Building

Look'n good!  Are you planning on removing the stitches or just cutting them off?  I removed my and very glad I did.  It was a very easy task with a propane torch.  If you remove, take the time to fill the holes before glassing, I did not, thinking they would naturally fill themselves with the fillets and multiple coats of epoxy.  I ended up with a couple of dents... lesson learned for my next build.

RE: Eastport Pram Building

Hi  Andy

I've built one and its a good first boat, perhaps a little cramped for an adult to sail. My only real criticism is the gooseneck. Because it revolves around a square mast there can be a lot of stress. Firstly I would round off the mast a bit where the gooseneck hinges and secondly my plywood gooseneck split, I have therefore made one out of oak with no further problems.

Best wishes

Alan (UK)

RE: Eastport Pram Building

Andy, I'll be checking your website often in the next few weeks as I have just ordered the kit from clc for the EPP.  Your's is looking great so far.  Good luck. SH

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