Wooden Floatzilla

Floatzilla is the latest attempt to break/set a world's record for the largest number of canoes and kayaks together at the same time on the water. It is scheduled for Aug 21(?) 2010. The first gathering I know of was in Inlet, NY a few years ago. This spring there was one in Pittsburgh, PA. The one this summer   (Floatzilla) is in the mid-west and they are trying for 2010 boats, up from the 1700(?) Pittsburgh was shooting for.

My thought is it would be a great promotion for wooden boats and/or CLC to try to do a record of wooden kayaks and canoes either any type or just CLC boats. Maybe it could be done at the spring festival or maybe the wooden boat show in Mystic.

I am not volunteering to organize this, but would be interested to hear if anyone else thinks this might be fun. The logistics would be a challenge.

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RE: Wooden Floatzilla

Love the idea, cannot participate this year... please keep us posted

RE: Wooden Floatzilla

I'm in. I can bring 4.



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