Scarfing Strips for Deck

I'm starting to strip the deck of my SW 16 hybrid. Are 8:1 scarf joints necessary for ALL instances where strips are joined end to end? The scarf, epoxy, clamp, wait overnight thing could really slow things down. I'm definitely doing it for the outermost strips, but can I get away with something else as I work towards the midle? Scarfs with activated CA glue, maybe?

 Thanks, Pat

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RE: Scarfing Strips for Deck


I scarfed the two outermost strips, but that's it.  The rest are just butted, or at an angle to suit my deck pattern where I change wood types.  I think I used epoxy where I did true scarfs before installing the full length pieces but all the other joints are with the yellow glue, made up as the strips are installed.  By the way, if you plan well, once you get inboard enough to intersect the cockpit, the only butt joints you will have is where you change woods for your pattern.

Stripping is fun, and exciting as you create your own design.  Enjoy.


RE: Scarfing Strips for Deck

Thanks, Paul.

How do you keep the butt joints aligned while the glue dries?

RE: Scarfing Strips for Deck

Since one edge is n contact with the last course, the bead and cove lock it in.  That combined with applying some end-on force as you stople will generally be all you need to hold it in place.  You can always grab the mating ends with a spring clamp if they are tending to spring out of position.  I do not recall it being an issue.


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