Glassing or Taping Bulkheads

We are building a Shearwater double.  The manual says to fillet the bulkheads, but I wonder whether we also want to tape them.  That is, are the fillets strong enough?  In addition, in a Pygmy I built, the bulkheads are glassed, but they do not seem to be in the Shearwater.  Would the additional strength of glassing the bulkheads be a good thing?

I appreciate any thoughts.

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RE: Glassing or Taping Bulkheads

Fillets (as with most properly done glue joints) are stronger than wood they are attached too.  The key with fillets is that they are wider than the joint it self hence adding strength.  Taping makes that joint even wider. 

As for glassing the it adds a layer to the plywood that adds strength to the overall structure.  I just completed my wife's WD12 and its plans also call for only filleting and taping.  I opted to glass the entire bulkhead, I think it is a good idea and very little added weight.

RE: Glassing or Taping Bulkheads

On Strippers I too glass the bulkheads mostly for moisture protection, and just use a fillet on both sides to keep them water tight and in place.


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