wood duck 12

How much camping gear can a WD 12 realistically carry? And does anybody know when the plans for the WD14 are due to be available? Thanks.

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RE: wood duck 12

A lot.

When I put a 30 liter dry bag up front, the remaining cockpit space is still bigger than my wife's 16LT empty. I There's enough room left for me to cross and uncross my legs, even with lunch, anchor, bailer, sponge, Otter box for camera, Otter box for binoculars, GPS, shoes and spare paddles.

30 L drybag up front, 2 L behind the seat and a pair of 5's in the cockpit plus a 5 L bag in the rear compartment. So close to 50 L without even trying hard.




RE: wood duck 12

I noticed in a lot of pics there isn't a hatch up front- do you just stuff it under the deck through the cockpit? That is a lot of room.  Is there enough room to add a hatch forward of the forward bulkhead?

My daughter is being picky about the type of Kayak she wants, so the WD might work. Thanks for the reply.

RE: wood duck 12

There is no forward bulkhead in a WD12. From behind the seat all the way up to the tip of the bow is wide open space (that's why I put the 30 L dry bag there, to give me 60+ lbs of buoyancy in case the cockpit floods). So no need to add a hatch.

The WD14 has a hatch and bulkhead, but the forward hatch compartment is fairly small.

Do you live near a CLC demo/show venue? Sounds as if youneed to let her try out a few boats and see what they can carry.



RE: wood duck 12

Unfortunately, there are none near Jacksonville, Fl. That I know of. Plastic boats, not beautiful wood ones, seem to be the norm here. 

The WD 12 does seem to be the right choice. I had a long poly kayak, and it was a pain when I got into smaller waterways. The WD12 seems to fit in both worlds- open water (to a point) and small creeks. I saw the video of yours on the site, it seems to paddle very well. 

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