Minor mistakes just take care of themselves.

I had been somewhat dismayed when installing the deck because my rear bulkhead was installed a bit crooked, and it didn't show up until I laid the deck out for installation.  I trudged on.

Then as installing the deck, as I posted before, I was concerned about the fact that there seemed to be a minor bulge at the very front of the cockpit, where the carlins meet, where the deck ceases to meet the carlins, and I felt as if forcing it would compromise the wood.  I posted here about that, and you guys made me feel better about it.

Then today I trimmed the inside overhang of my Mill Creek 16.5 deck... the part of the deck that hangs past the carlins in the cockpit area.  I noticed after trimming the entire area that the crookedness of the rear bulkhead all but disappeared.  :)  That was good news.

Today, I did a dry run of setting up the coaming.  It was at that point that I realized that the deck bulge where the carlins meet is also going to disappear.  The noseblock and coamings will do a wonderful job of hiding that.

I continue to be amazed and how forgiving this project is.

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RE: Minor mistakes just take care of themselves.

I'll drink to that! My NE Dory seems to be the same way.

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